You Want Cruise the Med in Winter?
      By Michael Akana at May. 1. 2015. with Comments Off on You Want Cruise the Med in Winter?
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        So you want to cruise the Mediterranean in winter?   With some itineraries, the options are so numerous we can get overwhelmed. We are afflicted by the deluge of data.   So, when exploring options for an off season vacation, the simplicity of the results can be misleading. Searching travel and cruise warehouse suppliers...

      Cruise3Sixty 2015 — Travel Conference
      By Michael Akana at Apr. 27. 2015. with Comments Off on Cruise3Sixty 2015 — Travel Conference
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      I dedicated a full week in April 2015 for my professional development as a travel agent, flying into Fort Lauderdale and attending Cruise3Sixty in at the Broward County Convention Center in Port Everglades Florida.   Cruise3Sixty is the annual Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) cruise and travel conference with over 1,300 travel agents, cruise and...

      Testing the Waters
      By Michael Akana at Nov. 15. 2014. with Comments Off on Testing the Waters
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      Is short cruise is a good way to “test the waters.” If someone has never cruised before, they may try to take a short cruise to see how they like it. Is a short cruise a fair test of the cruising experience?   Perhaps, but I don’t find it a fair measure of the cruising...

      Incentives Increase Productivity
      By Michael Akana at Aug. 12. 2014. with Comments Off on Incentives Increase Productivity
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      Travel Incentive Motivate Staff We can book travel for an employee that has performed above and beyond the call of duty. Travel is a great way to give recognition, but a good incentive award program does more than just recognize good performance.    An incentive program can be designed so that pays for itself.  ...

      Does CLIA/Cruise3Sixty Lack Luster?
      By Michael Akana at Nov. 19. 2013. with Comments Off on Does CLIA/Cruise3Sixty Lack Luster?
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      I am ambivalent about attending what has been a highlight of my career as a Travel Agent.  I remember my first Cruise3Sixty event in 2007.  Inspecting ships, sometimes 2 in day.  Attending general sessions where the top cruise executives shared their vision for the cruise industry.  previewing some of the shipboard entertainment, enjoying celebrity level presentations...

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